Get Wisdom Teeth RELIEF

If you are suffering symptoms such as:

  1. Pain and Swellingtoothache-pain-244x162
  2. Difficulty in opening mouth fully
  3. Bad breath/taste
  4. Swollen glands
  5. Ear aches, headaches
  6. Ulcers on the cheek
  7. Teeth crowding/pushing

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Brisbane

Removal of a wisdom tooth is never pleasant but getting it removed early can be a wise move indeed. The wisdom tooth is also known as the third molar usually erupts between the ages of 17 and 25. The complication with the tooth arises when the tooth is unable to fully enter the mouth. This condition known as “impacted” happens when the teeth fails to fully break through the gum bed due to lack of space.

According to research on wisdom teeth removal in Brisbane, 9 out of ten people, suffer from at least one impacted wisdom tooth and the pain associated with it. Some people believe that since they are not in any sort of tooth pain, then they don’t have to worry about the extraction of wisdom tooth. However, being pain-free does not mean you are disease and problem free. According to several studies, wisdom tooth which erupts normally can still be prone to diseases. Therefore, it is important for you to have your dentist in Brisbane monitor and check the condition of your wisdom teeth during your annual dentist visits.

Precaution:  Before scheduling any surgical or invasive procedure, consult a second opinion from an appropriate qualified health practitioner.

Wisdom Teeth Pain:

Most people think that wisdom teeth have to be removed, but the fact is that about 30 % of the people don’t have normal wisdom teeth that don’t need to be extracted.

Problems with alignment of the jaw and teeth are the main reason for the removal of wisdom teeth. When the wisdom teeth erupt, it is unable to fit and becomes impacted against the teeth in the front. The results of the impacted teeth are:

  • Cavity: The Impacted wisdom tooth often comes so close to the teeth in front of them that it causes cavity in them. Due to this the patient can lose more teeth along the wisdom teeth.
  • Cyst: If a cyst develops around the wisdom teeth it can cause more damage, pain, and, of course, more dental work to correct the situation.
  • Looser gums: A person’s gum is not as tight around the wisdom teeth as it is to the others. Due to this, bacteria forms around the tooth and the gum which can result in infections. Patients complain of swollen gums, exposed nerves or the feeling that their tooth is moving up and down in this scenario.
  • Pain: The pain associated with the wisdom teeth starts when the problems listed above already underway.

Many patients have asked our dentists in Brisbane what would happen if they left their wisdom teeth as it is. The answer to this is if the teeth are impacted, the pain and infection related to it would become so persistent that you won’t be able to stand it. If you delay in getting your teeth examined, then chances are that the other teeth would also get infected. Our team of dentists have seen many cases where we had to remove 8 teeth instead of 4 as the patient waited too long to get it checked.

What about the early days?

Most people wonder what happened back in the days of the caveman. You must think that they would have eventually died from the infection. Well, that is not the case. These things were not very common in the early days as they are now. Our mouths are smaller than the early man. The genes that control the teeth and the jaw size are on different chromosomes.

Broken up wisdom teeth:

Most dentists will agree with me that it is nearly impossible to keep the wisdom teeth clean and bacteria free. Their shape, placement and sometimes being partially erupted makes it difficult to maintain them. Sometimes, patients report of teeth that are breaking up. This is due to the reason that they delayed in visiting the dentist so late that the decay enlarged and the tooth literally started falling apart.

What ages can wisdom teeth is a problem?

My team of dentist has mostly dealt with patients related to problems with the wisdom teeth to be in their late teens until the age of 25.

Recently, we have seen an interesting in the ages of patients. We have seen some patients that require treatment for the wisdom teeth that were around 13 – 15 years old.

It is important to identify the right time to treat your wisdom teeth as well as other dental related care and problems. By getting treatment at the right time, you will avail a number of benefits such as:

Low cost: The teeth that are removed at the right time mean less complication and less recovery time. It also requires minimal treatment which means that the expense of the procedure will also decrease.

Less pain: If your wisdom teeth and the problems are identified at the right time, then it can be treated with the least amount of pain.


Do I need to see a specialist in Brisbane for my wisdom teeth?

teeth-inspectionIf your particular situation requires, then you might need to consult your specialist before going through any procedure. Your dentist is the best person to assess your situation and recommend the best plan for your case. He/she will also be able to provide you with a payment plan if finance is an issue.

Wisdom teeth and pregnancy

In most situations, we like to reduce any dental treatment during pregnancy. Our team of dentists always recommend having a check-up with your dentist before starting a family.

If it is absolutely necessary for pregnant women to go through a treatment procedure, then we recommend performing it in their second trimester. The third trimester is usually uncomfortable for patients to sit in the dental chair for a long period.

Wisdom Teeth Complications  

Many complications can arise if there is not enough space available inside the jaw for the wisdom tooth to fully emerge. If the wisdom teeth are erupted halfway, then it might be difficult for the person to brush and floss the teeth. Food and bacteria build up between the wisdom teeth and the adjoining molars. This can result in decay as well as gum infection.

A crowded wisdom tooth in the upper jaw can lean sideways and grate against the cheek. This can cause ulceration and chewing problems. The pressure from the wisdom teeth can force the other teeth closer together. It can interfere with biting and chewing food. Gum diseases and cysts are also common problems related to impacted wisdom teeth.

In rare cases, tumours can also form. Toothache is also a result of the pressure of the wisdom teeth.

Can the impacted wisdom teeth be treated with antibiotics?

The answer is no. Mouth infections such as pericoronitis can be treated with antibiotics but only for a short time. The infection will reoccur unless the teeth are extracted. People who are already suffering from other health issues can undergo serious complications from the infections related to wisdom teeth.

The best treatment – have the wisdom teeth removed as early as possible!

Toothache is the first sign for patients to visit their dentists. But sometimes, wisdom teeth don’t cause the usual pain until the damage has already been done. The wisdom teeth should be removed as early as possible. Age is one of the most important factors related to risks and post-operative recovery from surgeries associated with wisdom teeth removal. The roots of a wisdom tooth in a teenager are still developing, making the removal process easy and safe. The roots are fully formed and fixed firmly in the jaw later in life, making it difficult to extract.

An X-ray is necessary to indicate whether or not wisdom teeth require treatment and surgical procedure. Your dentist and oral surgeon can best prescribe you when is the best time for the wisdom teeth removal.

 Cost of wisdom teeth extraction:

Most surgical procedures are performed in our clinics in Brisbane. Surgery can also be carried in local Brisbane hospitals under general anaesthetics, as well as day surgeries in the area of Brisbane.

Additional charges will be applicable to the anaesthetists and different hospitals if it is concluded that your case needs to be performed in the hospital by your choice or by the recommendation of our dentists.

Hospital cost will vary according to your choice of hospital. It also depends on whether you own a private health insurance or a private hospital cover (which you have had for more than 12 months). A private hospital cover will most likely cover all your hospital funds as well as the hospital stay.

Medicare or other health funds will most probably cover a proportion of this bill. However, you will be required to fund approximately $250.

The Procedure, pre-surgical consultation and review of wisdom teeth removal

During the initial consultation, your dentist will perform an x-ray or an OPG (panoramic x-ray). Your dental surgeon will also examine the inside of your mouth to determine which wisdom teeth are functional and which ones need extraction. In most cases, we have seen the need for removal of all four wisdom teeth.

The pre-consultation is important before performing the actual procedure. Smiling female dentist surgeon with colleagues The pre-consultation allows the patient to establish a comfort level with their surgeon as well as the other members of the team. The procedure usually involves an incision to open the gum and sometimes a small portion of the bone also needs to be removed to provide access for the wisdom teeth removal. The teeth may also be divided into different parts for safe and easy removal. A perfect technique and years of experience is a must for these types of surgical procedures. The incision may need to be closed with stitches (commonly dissolvable).  The patient is always monitored before and during the surgery. They are also given a set of instructions for post-extraction care.

The dentists in Brisbane aim to provide you with the best treatment. We want your procedure as well as the healing process to be as comfortable as possible. Contact us today and talk to our experienced team of dentists for all your wisdom teeth queries. Remember, it is best to take treatment early to save your other teeth.


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