A biological holistic dentist is interested in the entire body and the impacts of all oral products, strategies as well as treatments.

Biological hygiene is fluoride-free, mercury-free and mercury-safe. Embellished testing for bio-compatibility of dental materials is a must.

It urges that clinical technique be designed of components that sustain life or boost the patient’s lifestyle.

The words “biological” refers to life.



Find a holistic dentist in brisbane cbdMedical recognition and scientific research show us that exactly what happens in the mouth is shown in the body, and just what occurs in the body is mirrored in the mouth. The complicated, vibrant partnerships of oral and also systemic wellness within the context of the whole individual are indivisible.

Biological dental care unifies the very best professional methods as well as modern technologies of Western dental medication with a vast variety of techniques beyond its horizon.

While it could be difficult to build a reliable checklist of procedures followed by the “normal” biological workplace, all share an usual paradigm: treating root causes of signs instead of signs towards the goal of recovering as well as receiving health and wellness.

Typically these dental practices share a deep and also consistent idea in the Hippocratic determine “First, do no damage.”

Biological dental care is traditional dentistry. The goal is to be minimally invasive yet properly active.

Safe Amalgam Fillings Removal

Mercury in all its types is highly poisonous and adversely influences human health and the setting in many means, both straight and also indirectly.

Chronic mercury poisoning is qualified by a vast array of symptoms which could make medical diagnosis hard. “Silver” amalgam dental fillings are 50% mercury and also there is growing proof worldwide of its negative effect on the wellness of both dental people and also the oral personnel – dental practitioners as well as dental registered nurses– who manage it.

More about holistic and bio-compatible dentistry can be found at https://iabdm.org/


Where Holistic Dentistry Came From?

In the 1800’s scientists started to realize that mercury was negatively affecting peoples’ bodies.  It was causing them harm.  The worst symptoms included death.  In order to make patients more comfortable and to provide a health service that didn’t harm the patient.  The main oath a doctor of any medical field takes, is to do no harm.

One dentist, Weston A. Price, compiled research into the various areas of dentistry that have been found to harm patients.  He made the argument to find more natural treatment options that provided a complete body health.  Since then, holistic dentists have been practicing around the world.


Where to find a biological holistic dentist in Brisbane

For dental treatments that offer no harm and are in harmony with the entire body. Our dental professionals use a one-of-a-kind experience supplying high quality dental solutions for the entire family. This is performed in a nurturing, thoughtful setting whilst using the most advanced technologies as well as contemporary tools.

Excellence in dentistry is a Biological Dentist that carries out holistic dental treatments including safe amalgam removal in Brisbane, close to Spring Hill