Where to find an emergency dental surgery in Yeppoon in a crisis

This directory came about after struggling to find a local dentist that I could rush to for treatment.

We only include dental clinics that leave available slots in their schedule for patient emergencies.

It can sometimes be daunting and having a guide handy to do just that will make your dental life a lot easier. How many times, after a long hard search, you finally found a good dentist but ultimately were not comfortable with him? Has your dentist ever provided you with any preventive dentistry tips once the job was done? Relax, I have done all the hard work for you and have come up with a handy guide that gives you everything you need to know on how to find the best local dentist in Yeppoon.

Yeppoon Dentist Selection

I have selected dentists who provide high class dental services virtually painless using the latest treatments and equipment and offer emergency dentists, some 24 hours dental services are also some s dental hospitals.


Tips on how to find the best local dentist in town

Here is information on what you need to look out for when searching for a dentist :

  1. Are the dentist’s scheduled hours matching that of yours?
  2. Is the dentist trained, well-educated and certified to administer anesthesia?
  3. Is the dentist up-to-date with the latest dental care?
  4. Does the dentist have enough credibility and is he recommended?
  5. In case of emergency, is the dentist available? If not, what other options are provided?
  6. Does he have all fees and plans structured properly and made available well in advance?
  7. Is the place clean and tidy?
  8. Does he wear gloves and protective gear while treating patients?

If you have satisfactory answers to all of the above then you can go ahead and choose him as your dentist. This is time consuming and sometimes difficult to get the right answers. I have done all the research for you and here are my reports and recommendations to find the best local dentists in Yeppoon.

I have selected dentists who provide high class dental services virtually painless using the latest treatments and equipment and apart from offering 24 hours dental services are also emergency dentists serving in various dental hospitals.

Professional Dentist offer the following :-

  • General Oral hygiene and preventive care.


  2. Cosmetic Dentistry  – This is dental treatment for restoring and improving natural look and shape of your mouth. It includes cleaning and filling of cavities, reshaping uneven teeth, restoring chipped tooth, reshaping overlapping teeth or crooked teeth and tooth whitening that may be caused due to stains from prolonged use of coffee, tea, tobacco or red wine etc.
  3. Porcelain veneers – It is a small thin cover for your tooth which is almost invisible. Helps restore your natural smile and natural shape of the teeth. Since the cover is resistant to stains, it helps discoloration of teeth. It also helps cover crooked or chipped teeth.
  4. Dental Implants – Implants are done for missing teeth so that they look and feel natural. A titanium based implant is drilled into the jawbone and a crown is placed on top of the screw in place of the missing teeth. The same process is followed for multiple teeth and arch of teeth as well.
  5. Dentures – These are removable teeth used for missing teeth. Full dentures and partial dentures are available. Easy to use, handle, and clean. People who do not want a dental implant usually prefer dentures.
  6. Invisalign – If you do not want unsightly braces or wires but still would like to straighten your overlapping or crooked teeth then Invisalign is what you must look for. It is a technology that uses almost invisible liners that are moulded to your teeth and works by applying gentle pressure causing it to realign as time goes by. Restore your smile back with this latest technology. You may be born with crooked teeth but you have been blessed with technology that can rectify this.
  7. Extraction – removal of tooth to prevent infection or tooth decay. It is the last resort if infection cannot be prevented. Wisdom teeth extraction is quite popular and removing troublesome wisdom tooth as quickly as possible is ideal. To prevent tooth decay, brush teeth properly and floss so that there is no food particles stuck in between teeth.
  8. Root Canal treatment – It is used to remove infected area at the root of the teeth. After cleaning the infected area, it is filled with “gutta-percha”, a rubber like material and a crown may also be placed once filled. The number one reason for this problem is eating excess of sweets and not brushing properly enough.

Make an appointment today with a premium emergency dentist in Yeppoon, in a world class environment – Choose your dentist wisely so that you can be proud of your teeth and smile!!


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