5 Great  Dentist Clinics That Offer

Dental Emergency Treatment in Perth



At Cambridge City Dental, we believe nobody should be walking around with a painful or broken tooth. We do our best to see and treat emergencies the same day—whether you have been a lifetime patient or it’s your first time seeing us.




Would you like to recommend a dental business that stands out from the crowd.

We only list a maximum of 5 best dentists that meet the right criteria




We offer emergency services at both of our Perth Dental Clinic. If at all possible, we will work to see you on a same-day basis and to get you out of pain and back to functioning.

We are here to help. We urge you to call us at the first sign of a dental emergency!




When you have a dental emergency — whether it’s caused by a sudden accident or chronic disease — your teeth and/or the tissues of the mouth that surround them need to receive proper care right away. Call Superior Smiles today!




Would you like to recommend a dental business that stands out from the crowd.

We only list a maximum of 5 best dentists that meet the right criteria



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When looking for a local dentist in Perth, you will find there are many people, especially parents who are willing to share information. When you ask them about a local dental hospital or service, many of these people will give you their honest opinion of which dental surgery is the best.

Asking people personally will either result in them complaining or giving good reviews. Generally, when people give good reviews you can rest assured they will be speaking from personal experience!

But, if you’d like confirmation on the where to go to receive great dental treatment in Perth, then you can consider these suggestions:

  • Ask for recommendation, from family, friends, co-workers or neighbours.
  • Ask your family doctor or one of the many pharmacist found throughout the town or city.
  • The above may be especially true when looking for urgent dental care within Maimi CBD as many clinics are out of site in.
  • In case you are moving out of town, you can current dentist if they can give you a recommendation.


 Our dentists continually receive referrals and we would be only too happy

If, on the other hand, you are on your own and looking for a great local dentist near you, then it is best to know some of the qualities that make up a good dental hospital:

  • Your dental doctor has to hold either the Bachelor of Biomedicine or the Bachelor of Science as a first degree and generally undertake anatomy, physiology and biochemistry as part of their studies
  • Your dentist must also should have at least 2 years of pre-dental work, and ideally some good years of varied experience across oral institutions.
  • They must be dental professionals who take great interest in the health and wellness of their clients.
  • They should offer both normal and thorough normal examinations so that you will not have trouble looking for other dentist hospital to get the treatment that you need.

A local dental clinic or hospital, with the convenience of 24hr dental cover or  an emergency dentist on hand  when you have severe toothache and requiring urgent treatment is invaluable.

In Perth our dental clinic usually has several same day availability for emergencies, give us a ring today.