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Aspire One Dental of Melbourne provides a full range of emergency, general and cosmetic dental services to those in need of convenient dental care. Contact us today to make an appointment.




At City Smiles Dentist, we make it easy to get the help you need even at a moment’s notice. We aim to fully accommodate our patients with emergency care so you’ll never again have to wait hours in excruciating pain.




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There’s nothing like a dental emergency to turn your world upside down. One minute everything’s fine, and the next you’re hit with a throbbing toothache.

We don’t have to tell you how stressful a dental emergency can be, especially if it involves your child. We are here to help!




Would you like to recommend a dental business that stands out from the crowd.

We only list a maximum of 5 best dentists that meet the right criteria



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Finding the best dentist isn't easy

When you are looking to find emergency dentistry in Melbourne, you can rest assured we understand you are in pain and need urgent attention.

These are the most typical factors we deal with patients on an emergency situation basis, however despite the scenario, our objective is a quick resolution of the pain, with you leaving  without discomfort and with a smile on your face.

Knowing that there are times when you might remain in a state of oral urgency, our policy at the Find Emergency Dentists is, no matter our schedule load, we aim to provide the you an appointment at one of our practices before  closing time.


Oral emergency situations might lead to differing degrees of discomfort, extreme pressure and toothache or basic aggravation and pain. Circumstances that can lead to an oral emergency situation consist of:

  • Broken or fractured teeth
  • Extreme facial or gingival (gum) swelling
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Gingival bleeding
  • Missing out on tooth or teeth, or oral

Typical gum and teeth issues that may require immediate treatment

Extreme facial or gingival swelling takes place when infection exists. The typical reason for facial swelling is infection due to an oral abscess. The etiology of the swelling is infection brought on by the tooth, which might not be salvageable. This infection should be instantly relieved with prescription antibiotics and extraction or a mix of both. Gingival swelling normally takes place as an outcome of bad oral health. When a gum abscess happens and leads to serious swelling, the diagnosis for conserving the tooth is typically really bad and extraction is the only resolution

Teeth break or fracture due to various conditions. They fall under 3 primary classifications: substantial degeneration, endodontic (root canal) cured teeth without crowns, and injury to the tooth. Comprehensive cavities (degeneration) is an outcome of an absence of individual oral health, house care, and upkeep. flossed and brushed routinely are vulnerable to degeneration, which triggers damage of the tooth structure. The tooth is divided into 2 areas: the root, which is embedded in the jawbone and covered by the gums and the crown, which is the upper part of the tooth noticeable in the mouth. The crown is consisted of a thin external layer of enamel that covers a thick layer of dentin. When a considerable quantity of the enamel and dentin is ruined and the tooth ends up being weakened, it is vulnerable to fracture. When this takes place, discomfort of differing degrees might result, depending upon the intensity of the fracture.

3rd molars, (wisdom teeth), are frequently the reason for oral discomfort. Many individuals have healthy, appropriately emerged wisdom teeth which continue to be asymptomatic their whole lives, nevertheless a big portion of wisdom teeth do not effectively appear and can ultimately trigger serious discomfort and swelling The tooth might be completely appeared, or totally or partly affected (encapsulated by bone).

There are likewise times when a wisdom tooth might end up being significantly decomposed. Under these scenarios instant extraction will remove the discomfort and any associated with swelling.

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