About Emergency & Bulk billing dentist  Sydney, NSW

There are many requests from patients looking to save on dental costs through Bulk Billing dental work in Sydney and New South Wales  and Australia generally.


Below are 5 great dentists that can bulk bill eligible children or Offer emergency dental treatment.



Miracle Family Dental treats emergencies as a high priority. They believes no patient should suffer from dental issues or pain that requires immediate care and attention. Please call us immediately if you have a dental emergency as we can often see patients the same day.


Is your dental clinic doing emergency services?

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If you have a cavity, lost a filling, chipped a tooth, or you just need urgent relief for a toothache, we’ll get you in our office and out of pain as quickly as possible. If you’re not experiencing an emergency and just need a convenient dental appointment, Boutique Dental Care provides nearly all general dentistry services around your schedule


Dr Neil Lutton brings over 15 years of dental expertise and a uniquely Irish sense of humour to Macquarie Dental. Neil believes in making high quality dental care affordable for everyone. By keeping his prices competitive and participating in great value dental care schemes, Neil is able to help more people enjoy a healthy and confident smile.


Is your dental clinic doing emergency services?

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If you do not qualify for bulk billing - see how to access cheap dental treatment in Sydney and (anywhere in  Australia) below



FIRSTLY Here is whatChild ZDental Benefit Scheme you need to know about BULK BILLING DENTIST in Sydney

Medicare only permits bulk billing to APPLICABLE  CHILDREN within AUSTRALIA


Which leads on to the following two questions

  1. Which children are elidgable
  2. How your family can receive affordable dental treatment


Answer 1 - Children eligible for Bulk Billing under the Child Dental Benefit Scheme



Medicare offers support assistance from the government  for "child dental benefits scheme" to   Children between  2 and 17 years


It is possible to get upto $1000 financial support per child over two  years through medicare via the scheme,  to receive this your child will need to be:-

  1. Must be  two 2 - 17 years old
  2. Able to receive medicare
  3. Receive Pt A Family tax benefit

How to Get benefits through the Child Benefit Scheme.

  • If  treated by a bulk billing dentist in Sydney, you will not be required to claim
  • However for  dental practices that do not bulk bill, you will be required to submit a claim. download your dentist bulk billing form here




Answer 2. It seem obvious but A Cheap Sydney dentist in Sydney is one with low costs - right? Well here is how to keep those dental costs Low

 Sydney households are lowering their oral expenses by as much as 40 % with or without health/ bonus insurance coverage

Q>Which do you fear most?

1. The expense of your households check out to the dental practitioner
2. or the dental professionals' drill

Sorry we cannot aid with number 2 however there is a great option to minimizing your households oral expenses.

You would remain in the majority if you believed dental experts expenses are tough to swallow, with numerous households avoiding oral check ups and postponing treatments, leading to added issues and expenditures.

Now there is an option that is conserving households like yours upto 40 % of your household dentist costs - and - You get to conserve cash whether you have health/ bonus insurance coverage or not.


Lastly the oral strategies that have actually been conserving households a fortune in the UK, Europe and U.S.A are now here and they are conserving Sydney households a fortune too.


Why this works

It is strategy where 1000s of expert oral centers and medical facilities accept lower their charges and in return they get much more smart consumers that are fed up with paying a fortune for their oral work.

Are you a smart consumer?

Would you consider it smart to pay Only $48.50 /yr for your family  so that  each person can save the following:

Here are the most common reasons to visit the dentist and savings you can make




 More Information Here on these savings here

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